Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Ramblings

So, now it’s only been two months since my last post. Is de-proving a word, meaning that someone is not improving?

Well, the good news is, that things in the real world have picked up recently. I’ve become the social maven of our new town. It all started with the first “real friend” I made, in the library of all places. After my last post, I decided to do something about what I wrote. I had been planning on attending a couple of library story time sessions at several different libraries.

The first couple of times I went to story time, I felt like I couldn’t really try to talk to anyone there. They just weren’t really interested, or we got there late or left early. Or maybe it seemed like they already had friends they were meeting there. Well, I was staying from a 9:30 story time until a 10:30 story time, and noticed someone else with kids a bit older than mine who was doing the same thing. So I went out-cognito! I can make up words all I want, it’s the internet…

My new friend and I have met up several times since then and texted back and forth quite a bit. And my social-ness continues to grow. I’m proud to say that I’m significantly more in community now than I was before. We’ve finally settled on a house and an area of town (hopefully, we are supposed to close on it this Friday). Now that we’re settled on an area of town, we have mostly settled our church hunt and are starting to find a foundation to continue to grow from. I even attended the Zumba program at our apartment complex a few times and met a few new people there as well.

We’re still “in flux” in a lot of ways, waiting to close on the house, waiting to move, but waiting isn’t always a bad thing. We have been really impatient lately, but when I do realize my impatience I stop to think about how amazing it is to live in this country and be impatient for such impossible things as a nice home to live in, enough cars to make traffic on the roads, the health of two little boys who run screaming through our lives.

So this St. Patrick’s day post of rambling, should obviously be finished up by pointing out the fact that we live in a country that 100 years ago fought against Irish immigrants, and now celebrates a national holiday based on a missionary to Ireland. Be a missionary wherever you are, and remember God has a plan for your life, whether you are paying attention to it or not.