Thursday, June 09, 2016

Dave Matthews Band - Live Trax Volume 15

DMB Live Trax Volume 15

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

My Own Racism

Unfortunately, I think the problem of racism won't completely go away, until we acknowledge the subtle forms of racism that take place everyday. Yes, there are big issues, but people tend to ignore the big issues. They assume the severe cases of racism are just a "bad apple" here or there and neglect to address their own, more subtle brand of racism.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Pro Everyone's Choice

I've seen a few disturbing things from supposedly "Pro-choice" people lately. Mainly, their arguments are completely invalid, but they are looking for every excuse in the book. Here are two examples:

  1. The first example comes from an article circulating around Facebook. I have no idea why the article was even circulating because it was completely illogical. Basically, the article was from a doctor who said abortion should be legal and then went on to describe a very sad miscarriage of a 20 week old baby that wasn't initiated by any doctor, but couldn't be stopped. Here's the thing, that particular situation doesn't meet any requirements at all of the pro-life vs. "pro-choice" debate. Yes, doctors use the term abortion for miscarriage, so technically my own medical records list an abortion (spontaneous). Spontaneous means that the baby was coming and couldn't be stopped (and in my case had already passed away). So, yes, "spontaneous abortions" will still happen because you can't save a baby's life if it's not in God's plan to do so. That's an absolutely ridiculous argument. I believe this doctor was attempting to nitpick over the "medical necessity" clause that most pro-lifers actually agree with, when in reality, he couldn't even find an example from his own experience to use. The truth is that only 7% of those who had abortions (according to a Planned Parenthood affiliated survey) were due to a perceived risk of the mother or baby's health (according to doctors the true "medical necessity" number is likely closer to 1%). 
  2. Next, I was reading something else a pro-lifer had posted to their Facebook page (not inflammatory at all, just talking about how important it is to consider all life valuable). And a comment on there was "what about a woman who is raped?" Again, playing on emotions here. Most pro-lifers also make exceptions for women who are raped. However, according to the same Planned Parenthood affiliated survey, less than 0.5% reported that as a reason for having an abortion, and again, I think almost all pro-lifers agree that exceptions should be made for women in those situations.
So what's the final breakdown of numbers according to the 2004 study? Over 92% of women reported that "social" or "other" factors contributed to their abortions. "Other" included mainly such things as being financially unable to afford another child, "not being ready", or other personal career and family goals.

So here's the thing, I have two kids of my own, and they do make life more difficult. They also make my life abundantly more precious. They've taught me more in about 6 years than a dozen self help books that I could have tried to read. I'm sure that living with the guilt, shame, and stress of an abortion isn't easy either. Rather than making abortion socially acceptable and the "common" thing to do, why don't we make parenting skills classes, affordable daycare, and maternity leave the more "common" things. Why do we discount the life of a child simply because we can't see him or her? 

I am absolutely pro-choice, but not in the way you think. I am a huge proponent of allowing and encouraging women to make the difficult choice. To close their legs and say "No." If it's sex with someone you wouldn't want to raise a child with, don't do it. If you aren't old enough to raise a child, don't do it. If you just don't think you're quite ready for a child yet, but you might be, then use double protection until you're definitely ready. And no, you will never be ready for the changes that come with a child, but the thing that most women don't understand is that you can't take away the consequences of your decisions so easily. 

One final note, for those that say that my viewpoint contributes to the overpopulation of the world, or keeping people in the cycle of poverty. There are ways to prevent pregnancy, and those ways absolutely should be utilized to the full extent of their ability. There are also plenty of people unable to have children, and who would love to adopt, so if you truly can't raise a child, let someone adopt them. I have a heart that breaks for a woman who finds herself in a situation where she doesn't feel she can care for any more children, but there are other options, and other resources. Abortion does not have to be the only answer, and it certainly shouldn't be the first.

 Oh, and if you are so concerned about the population of the world, the real way to fix that is to create multiple civil wars or genocide across the world, and I don't see anyone "fighting" for those rights.

Sources: Planned Parenthood Study