Monday, April 26, 2004

Rainy Surprises

Today was great! I just finished my business law exam and then stepped outside to spend a few minutes with this incredible smart and handsome man, and we were sitting there on the bench talking about how happy we were and I said something about sitting there until the rain started, and of course the rain chose that moment to begin. But fortunately, I decided to ignore my previous statement and sit there in the rain. So these huge drops are falling from the sky slowly, drip drip plop drop drip plop. And then, a few strangers walk by and laugh at us, so we sit there longer, the drops falling steadier and harder until suddenly, whoosh. The bottom of the cloud drops out and starts drenching us. So we sit there for a few more minutes, enjoying the huge cool drops on such a hot day, but we're so wet and the water is so cool that we decide it might be best to head on back.

So we're walking along, singing and dancing and splashing in the rain and it hits me. This is perfection. Perfection is not about a perfect theology or being happy all the time or fixing problems. Perfection is about making the most of the imperfections in life. The rainstorms that fall on our happiest moments can either break our spirits or turn into an even happier moment. The brick walls we hit on occasion can either be embarassing and regreted moments or stories to laugh and smile over for years to come. The people we love who end up sick and dying can become stones to weigh us down, or happy memories and standards to live up to. All this might sound like a bunch of cheese to someone who doesn't know me, but I truly am the happiest girl in the world right now. And it's not just one of those "of-the-moment: type things. I'm not just happy because of my incredible boyfriend, or my wonderful family, or my situation in life. I'm happy to be here, I've found a well of joy inside my soul that I never knew existed. So, even more happy days must be on the way, they just might need a little tweaking from a philosopher's soul.
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