Monday, July 19, 2004


Zoron is the planet I'm from. Well, not really, but it was a good joke in 8th grade and it's stuck with me ever since. But anywho, that makes me a Zoranian. To all you Earthlings out there, the only difference is that you can't hear the Tootsie Rolls like I can. Although, I'm not really supposed to eat Tootsie Rolls because of my TMJ, but I really like their music.

Zoron is a wonderful planet with a completely female population. Obviously, mating takes place among these aliens. The males of the species are shipped off to another planet until they reach the one day in their lives where they are actually mature enough to be around females. Then, after that one day, they are promptly shipped back.

I am the Zoranian ambassador to planet Earth. I know all of the aliens currently on the planet, as well as those who wish to immigrate. The journey to Zoron takes only a few minutes, and many times earthlings never even know that I am gone. Basically, it's weird.
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