Friday, January 23, 2009


Maybe it's because I'm newly married, but I get really offended when someone tells me divorce is a wonderful thing and that it's great that women have "more choices."

Choosing to leave your family for "a better fit" husband is like choosing to wreck your car because you wanted a different color. You picked the car out yourself. You knew what color it was when you bought it. It's one thing if the car needs a new engine (i.e. he is cheating on you). Other than that, you knew what you were doing when you said "I do".

Is my husband the perfect man in the world? Of course not! But, by being a better wife, my husband will become a better man. Not by nagging, making new "guy friends", complaining, arguing. We have a choice in our behavior, just like we have a choice in whether or not we got married. I said "yes" several times to several questions. Why would I decide to back out for "more choices". I already made a choice. Final Answer.

Especially if there are kids involved, unless there is infidelity or abuse, there are no other choices. You picked the father of your children, you picked your mate for life. You can't dump them because you're tired. If your relationship is stagnant - maybe you as the woman need to take the first step. And it should not be to walk away.
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