Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get What You Deserve

I think that this economy is teaching some people that they have been living a lie. We live in a society that tells us to think of ourselves first. Don't you deserve that new car? Don't you deserve a nice long vacation?

Why do we feel this way? Those who grew up in the Great Depression understood that real value was based in hard work and perseverance. I have to say, even as I write this article, that I struggle with perseverance. I've been raised in the "me" generation. Someone got paid a bonus and I didn't, what about me? Someone gets more vacation time than I do, what about me?

Maybe this economic lesson is designed to teach us those values that have been lost for so many generations. I read an article that said how naiive current college graduates were. They were so shocked by "only" having 2 weeks of vacation. I'm a college graduate, and I am only supposed to have 1 week of vacation. Yeah, it sucks a lot. But I have a job, my husband has a job, we are steadily paying off our student loan debt.

Maybe, when this all blows over, I will have finally learned the lesson. If I really got what I "deserved" I think I would be even more disappointed than I am now. I haven't done anything to "earn" more pay or vacation yet. I'll just have to work hard and persevere, and see what blessings are given to me. Blessings that I don't deserve.
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