Friday, April 08, 2011

Cloth Diapering Journeys

I've determined a few things while starting my cloth diaper journey. Picking one method and sticking with it is much cheaper, unless you make the wrong choice. Here are a couple of the methods I've tried with the pro's and con's.
"traditional cloth diapers"
Diaper "Cover"

 Pre-folds and covers. This is by far the cheapest route to go when cloth diapering. I didn't find it that difficult to fold the prefold and put it inside the cover (we used velcro or snap covers, so we did not need to pin). However, my husband vetoed this idea as being too difficult. Since I do want him to at least know how to change a diaper, I went with his decision. If my husband were okay with it, I would definitely go this route.
Pocket Diaper

One-size pocket diapers. This is probably the second cheapest route, if you find a pocket diaper that really works for your baby all the way from birth through potty training. My recommendation (especially if you have a very small newborn) would actually be to buy newborn size diapers (either pre-fold or pocket or even disposables if you prefer for the beginning) and then use the one-size once the child is about 3 months or so. This will help with a better fit. However, I have used one-size diapers since my baby was about 9 pounds.

Sized pocket diapers. One method I have not tried. More expensive, but probably get a better fit.

Fitted cloth diapers and covers. Another method  I have not tried. Presumably less folding, but I'm not sure it's worth the added expense.
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