Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thoughts for the Weekend

This weekend is somewhat busy, next weekend even more so. As I write this on Friday, I'm thinking about everything that I have to do. In reality, I need to be thanking God for the opportunities I have been given.

My father-in-law is turning 65, and we live 5 minutes away. We are incredibly grateful to have moved back closer to family after being 8-9+ hours away for the past 7 years. After living in our new area for only 3 months, and our new house for only 3 weeks, I am volunteer coaching my first soccer game this weekend. I have brand new friends, a church home, and family events nearby, and my cup is full to the brim.

As a reserved extrovert, I have often had trouble making and keeping friends and finding community. I've been told by people that I can seem "stand-offish", but I have been working towards being more open to opportunities lately. I realized that for next weekend, my plate is already pretty full. I never would have thought that 3 weeks after moving to a new house in a new town, I would have such community. I may actually have to start saying "No" to invitations pretty soon!

So, rather than worry about how I will get it all done and which event comes first, second and third (or twoth as my 4 year old says sometimes) I will try to just enjoy each experience. Rather than stress about whether I will be the best witness for the Christian soccer program I'm coaching, I can focus on enjoying the sight of a bunch of Kindergartners chasing a ball across the field, and trying to herd them in the right direction. Rather than wondering when my father-in-law wants to celebrate his birthday, I can have the kids help make him a birthday card today, and they can give it to him in person anytime this weekend. Rather than worry about my scheduled hours as a "work from home" job as on online tutor, I can be grateful that I've gone from 4 part-time jobs to 1, and that my husband now makes enough money that we don't really have to worry about our budget as much as we used to, even with a house payment that's twice as big as it was.

So, whether your weekend is busy or too quiet, enjoy what you've been given rather than worrying about it.
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