Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Problem With Snap Judgment

Today's society is all about the instant. Instantly fresh-brewed coffee in our Keurig, instant entertainment at our fingertips, instant change in society's viewpoint of what's right and what's wrong. Yet, we are still the same humans we were 200 years ago.

Recently a close friend made a comment when I told them someone I knew was illegally giving her daughter CBD oils and they saved her life. When I explained what CBD oils were, he jokingly said, bet she went to California. Actually, it was Colorado, I corrected. But the bigger point is, why are we allowed to joke about the marijuana plant. I would argue those people are the same ones who refused to eat tomatoes for 100 years because they came from the deadly Nightshade family plants. Heaven forbid anyone against marijuana use purchase hemp cord, maybe they will accidentally overdose.

Now, I'm making snap judgments and using hyperbole in the article above, but I don't truly believe this is what the friend thinks. My point is that in today's society more than ever, we make judgments about what we feel is right, and we want action "right now". We may focus on the marijuana aspect and miss the point in the story about the miracle of this little girl, whose parents pray for her every day, being moved off of hospice and actually getting to go on her Make A Wish trip, which had been indefinitely postponed when she went into hospice care. We miss the opportunity to dialogue about CBD oils and how incredibly much safer they are than all the other anti-seizure medications out there. We pull out judgment hats on and then miss the sunset and complain that it's dark.

On the other end of the spectrum, there's the insanity going on in Charlotte to completely avoid "forcing" anyone into the wrong bathroom by "forcing" everyone to accept whomever into whichever bathroom they "feel is best for them". I can tell you how much a load of bull crap that is. But first, I want to point out something simple, that I read in an article - which was essentially that they had no idea security on public restrooms was so incredible as to keep people out. My husband also made a great point, it doesn't matter what gender you were or think you are or how you identify, you need to "go where your pipes go" (if you have girl pipes, you don't need a urinal and if you have boy pipes, you do). End of discussion, no need to make it political or judgmental.

And yes, if you really cared you could probably walk in to the opposite gender bathroom and no one would say anything unless you were causing problems. I was in middle school, with my hair pulled back, wearing a very masculine looking practice uniform for the basketball team (I used to be tall until I stopped growing). I was walking into the girl's restroom and someone said, "You can't go in there, it's for girls". Obviously, I told her I was a girl and kept walking and proceeded to cry and get all hormonal because that's what teenage girls do, but the point is that what bathroom we use is a societal marker, not a policed or legislated area. It's ridiculous to try to police something that can't be policed (who's going to check whether you have the parts you say you do, and if you're showing them to anyone who doesn't have those parts, then yes you do deserve to go to jail for that one).

My point here is that we need to stop basing our legislative decisions (and please dear heaven stop basing our presidential candidates) on the immediate. We need to plan for the future. We need to shut up for a few minutes and think through the problem or issue in front of us. We need to stop legislating the immediate in favor of the important. Instead of snap judgments, let's all try to make well-thought out judgments.

If you don't have the time to make well-thought out decisions, I've made some for you below.

  • If you see a CBD oil bill in your state, please know that it's okay to grow marijuana plants, I promise they aren't selling them for people to get high off of.
  • If you have boy pipes, use the boy bathroom, it's okay. Even if you feel like a girl, you still have boy parts, and I promise that I will call the police if I see them hanging out in the girls room. Once you have your surgery, feel free to use the girl's bathroom and I won't say a thing.
  • If you have a primary coming up in your state, please go out and vote for anyone but Trump. You can say what you want about him "saying what he means" and "being willing to do something about the mess" but I can promise you he's going to make snap judgments if any, and it will not be good for our country. We must work on the important, not the immediate.
  • If you see someone dressed in something strange, acting weird, or with a Trump poster, go up and talk to them and be their friend. Maybe the only thing this world needs is a few more voices of reason, but the first step is not judgment, the first step is connection.
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