Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Has Sprung - Or Has It?

Some of you may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't been posting in the last week or so. First, it was the Women's Retreat at Emerald Isle. We had a blast, the weather was beautiful, and I came back refreshed and with some amazing ideas for my blog. While I'm sure that eventually those ideas will come to fruition and wow you, I was confronted with a sad reality when I arrived home...

All that refreshing, relaxing and kid-free time, simply made me a bit more lazy around the house. Rather than spring cleaning fever, I feel like I've just gotten spring break fever. I've been taking the kids to the park multiple times a week, letting them play in the water table outside, and barely keeping up with the basic house chores. It doesn't help that my son started soccer right after we got back (and I'm assistant coach for the team) and my husband has been working late since then because of a big snafu in his work project.

So, let's be honest. It wasn't really much more than me being lazy, and busy, and just wanting to sit outside and absorb the sun.

Fortunately, we are in a great spot to do just that!

The great thing about our community is that it is just that: a community. At the park, I met up with two separate groups of friends at the same time (incidentally, not planned). At the voting place, I chatted with another woman about our neighborhoods and choice of pool membership. At the library, the librarian was upset that one of the girls at story time had taken things a bit too far and smacked her on the bottom (but she knew the girls by name). I thought it would be weird to live in a small-ish town, but now I'm very glad I do.

Now, for the sad news, spring will not last forever. First, we have another possible frost to prepare for (and I've already planted my garden). Second, after spring comes that dreaded beast of summer. I worry about this summer, as it's only March and we've already had an 87 degree day here!

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