Monday, October 17, 2016

One Step at a Time

As I grow older, but am still very young
I take tiny steps forward,
But I'm nowhere near done

I can see more clearly, love more dearly,
But still so easily
Break down and blow up

My pride is much smaller
But it's not small enough
When things are good I ignore You
Until times are tough

One more step at a time
Until this day is done
Help me with this sin
And tomorrow's to come
Break me free from these walls
Of my sin and my shame
And hold me as I
Take one step at a time

When I am weak and brought down by sin
The hurts I have caused
And the pain that I'm in

I can hate myself and hate this pain
But the situation
Will come up again

My sins are much smaller
But they still cause pain
My heart is washed white when
You remove the stain
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