Sunday, September 26, 2010

High Needs Baby

So I'm starting to think that I have a "high needs" baby. I wouldn't really call him "colicky" because he doesn't seem to be in pain, but he does get very mad at mommy and daddy for about 3 hours a day usually in the early afternoon. I think the real problem is that he has a hard time going to sleep in the daytime and wakes himself up easily because he is so active. But how do you "make" a baby go to sleep?

We've tried all the methods: nursing, swinging, holding, rocking, walking, dancing, singing. The only thing that works consistently is the stroller. And once we bring him back inside, his eyes pop right back open and he's awake and soon to be screaming. Most things will work for a minute or two and then he'll be screaing again. After 3 hours or so of fun, he decides not to be upset, and he'll usually sleep for several hours. He's been sleeping on me right now for almost two hours after his latest escapade.

He does sleep well at night. We have him in a bassinet and he never really gets to the crying stage unless mommy tries to change the diaper before the feeding (he wants his nummies when he wants his nummies). He does wake up every two hours at night, but usually just grunting enough to get mommies attention.

Anyway, Dr. Sear's says that "high-needs" babies are hyper-active (when Daniel is in a good mood he is constantly kicking his legs and waving his arms) and nurse frequently (like I said usually every two hours even at night, maybe one session of 3 hour sleep a day before wanting to feed again). So, I guess I'll have to get used to it until Daniel either grows out of this stage or finally gets some of his "needs" met better than they are right now. I just wish his crying time coincided more with when Daddy is home. Daddy is better at baby dancing than mommy is, plus mommy is going crazy trying to keep up with this child at home by herself. I was literally counting down the minutes until Daddy got home on Friday.
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