Tuesday, November 18, 2014

House Hunting

I'm torn between two houses. There's the "imaginary" house in my head - move in condition, plenty of room for a possibly growing family, low maintenance, convenient to shopping, work and school, in a good school district. Then there's the house I currently live in. All of the above except the move-in condition and extra room.

We used to call our apartment our 800 square feet of heaven. Now we've upgraded to 1100, but added two little boys to the family. We actually moved into this house when I was 8.5 months pregnant. It's 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. It has adequate closet space, a huge backyard, and is in a good school district. The problem is the size, and the clutter. I know I could get rid of the clutter and it would feel so much bigger, but that takes time. I know we could put the two boys in one room if we needed to, but my husband did not enjoy sharing a room with his brother, so he would rather have another bedroom if we add to the family.

My problem is that our housing right now is so affordable, I can't justify increasing our property taxes, insurance and utilities, not to mention the much higher principle and interest payments. I also look at the places we would need to cut our budget. We would have to give up something for a higher housing payment. We live on a pretty tight budget in any case, because we tithe based on our gross income in addition to participating with other charitable giving (Feeding America, World Vision - 4 sponsored children, Operation Christmas Child). When I think about what those charities mean versus my "wants and desires" I feel pretty selfish.

We don't live in a mud or stick house. We don't worry about what to eat or whether we have enough food for our children and ourselves. If we need new clothes, we drive 10 minutes to any store we could want. If we need healthcare, we have access to among the best doctors in the country within 30 minutes or less.

I'm trying to learn contentment, but it can be so difficult at times.
We do have some of the best trees on our block.
Feel free to comment on what you are least content about and why.
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