Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Friends

Theoretically, Facebook should make it easier to make new friends. And sometimes it does. But you can't even truly consider someone your friend until you've met them in person. Why? Because you can't know who they really are.

I can assume that I will like or dislike someone based on their Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest accounts (I'm getting old, so forgive me if I've left anything truly important out). Maybe you even read their blog or follow their podcast, and you think, "I'm really getting to know this person and like what I see". The thing is, that no matter how honest or emotional or verbose they may be online, they may be a completely different person in real life.

Even the first few times meeting a new potential friend can feel a little awkward One or both of you may put on a facade and not be your true self (just as many people do when they are dating). I can feel strange and you still don't truly know that person.

But let me encourage you to try. Whether you use Facebook or traditional methods, go out there and try to make a new friend. Try to make a friend that you wouldn't otherwise be interested in, but you have one thing in common. Try to make a friend that does something or thinks something completely different than you. Try to make a friend of a different age or a different race or a different family structure.

The thing is, we are called to live in community, The community is not online, it's in the real world, So if you're an introvert, go do introvert things that involve PEOPLE. If you're an extrovert, quit talking about yourself so much and LISTEN to someone. And if you're an ambivert, get off your couch and quit waiting for people to come to you. There is someone out there who needs your friendship. Maybe they just need someone to talk to. Maybe they need a helping hand (or a 32 foot ladder, if you know anyone). Maybe they need a babysitter or a job or a place to garden or some extra food. If we keep doing the same things we've been doing, we'll keep getting the same results.

If you don't have any new friends in life, get out there and make some. They don't have to be your best friend, just keep open arms and an open heart. You don't have to agree with them, you just have to love them anyway.

Get out and explore your world.

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