Monday, August 17, 2015

New You

I haven't been perfect in my goal to cut down on sugar. With my 2-year old suffering from the stomach bug, I gave in and ate a couple pieces of chocolate to help deal with the stress. I made some energy bites, which have been taking the edge off of the chocolate cravings, but my stress levels just got to be too much.

I've been thinking lately about how to truly change yourself, and I've come to realize a few things. First, everyone wants to change something about themselves, even if they look perfect. There's a reason that self-help books are always best-sellers. Yet, we haven't quite figured out how to truly help ourselves yet.

Second, you have to know yourself. My husband and I were talking through some things, and he said that he thought some of it might just take time. As we grow older and have more time and experience under our belts we should have a better knowledge of ourselves and a better framework from which to act.

Third, you can't truly change yourself. You can see yourself, and lament yourself, and manipulate yourself, but you can't change your inner being. You can be more truly yourself, but that's not always a good thing. To truly change, an outside force must be acting upon you. So rather than seeking a self-help book, seek outside a book to find some actual help.

After asking all my friends whether an ankle wrap would help my ankle that has been sore for 3 months, I mentioned it in my regularly scheduled doctor's visit last week. My doctor said that it might be a good idea, because if we're not supported well, we can continuously stress and tweak and re-strain the same injured ankle.

Metaphorically speaking, I can't break this sugar addiction on my own. I need a support system in place. So, rather than going around complaining about the pain or the change in your life that you can't seem to make, go find the support you need. The best support, I've found, has been the people around me, and the God who can truly change lives.
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