Friday, October 16, 2015

Pretty Outside, Ugly Inside

I got to thinking last night about something I read in the teacher's guide for my Kindergartner's lesson plan over the new few days. It talked about drawing a self portrait and then they would dictate some "inside" character qualities. The point of the art project was to talk about a Bible character (Saul) who was pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside. And it got me thinking about whether I wanted to teach that to my 5 year old.

Because the truth is, that we are all ugly on the inside. Some of us may appear pretty on the inside, because we're nice to others, or we give money or time to various charities. Some of us may appear ugly on the inside because we're angry or sad or selfish. But, the truth is, that not one person on this planet is truly pretty on the inside, at least without Jesus.

That's the truth that Jesus argued with the Pharisees about. That's the truth that un-churched Americans argue with "Christians" about. That's the truth that we will have to face up to one day. Our ugliness, sin, and selfishness is pervasive. If left unchecked, we will falter and die on our own.

I think I will have him do a self-portrait. I won't edit what he tells me about his inside, or what to draw, and I won't talk about being pretty or ugly on the inside or outside. If he puts bad things down on the inside, I will remind him what Jesus did on the cross, and we'll talk about that amazing grace.

Love like a waterfall
Grace I have found
Flowing and washing me
Priceless abounds

I don't want to drown
In self-pity or pride
I just want to swim
Along Jesus's side

Lost and alone when
His grace rescued me
Cleansed me and held me
His pain set me free

Now I can know that his Love
Covers me from my sin
Won't you let Grace
Enter in
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