Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When Things Are Going Well

It's easy to remember God when you're going through the darkest pain.
You can shout and yell and ask for help and He saves you yet again.
Saves you from your doubt and rage and selfish ways.
Rescues you from sin and heals your body, soul, and mind.

Then, when things are going well and you feel whole and healed,
You continue on your own way and ignore what He has done.
You thank yourself for all you've earned and neglect what He has given.
You check the boxes, sign the checks, and admire all you have.

Subtly and sneakily, pride and sin creep in around you.
Tempting you and testing you and asking you whether God really said...
Did He really say you couldn't do this, or earn it on your own?
Do you need Him now, or are you too busy, can't you just keep on?

It's difficult to say what God has planned for you.
Does He want you to talk to someone, go somewhere, do something?
Are you listening to what He says, or doing what you want to do?
Think back to those days, remember how He saves, and think of Him
First and always.
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