Friday, January 01, 2016

Poetry Friday - Economy

This social economy, it ain't workin' out for me
I ain't got nothin' to offer anybody
No smarts, no skills, ain't got no money
Just my hand, my feet, my humility

On the other hand, I've got it all figured out
My faith, my family, my wisdom, no doubt
The theologians and preachers who shout
Don't have anything more than my clout

But when it comes down to it, 
     the truth is this,
The final trumpet and shouts and
     all will be bliss.
In heaven - no different by clothes
     or by creed,
Our houses are built based on
     what we believe.
No matter what side of the fence 
     you may fall,
Don't let your life pass without
     giving your all.
All your fears, all your shame, all your doubt, 
     all your strength,
All your pride, all your mind, all your love
     in His name.
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