Thursday, December 17, 2015

Felt Christmas Tree Project

I feel pretty good about life right now. I actually completed a craft project with some friends a few weekends ago, and I finally was able to hang it up. The kids played with it for their obligatory two minutes before going back to what Parents magazine called "the game of ouch".

If you're not sure what the rules are for the game of ouch, they do vary for each round. The game is over when one of the boys cries loud enough to need attention. Props may include wooden trains, Hot Wheels cars, puzzle pieces and more. House rules (such as playing nicely with our toys and keeping our hands and feet to ourselves) obviously do not apply when playing this game.

So, to avoid the game of ouch using Christmas ornaments, I jumped at the chance to make a simple felt Christmas tree for my kids to redecorate. A few friends came over and we all pooled our craft materials together. It took a bit longer than expected, primarily because I'm not that into crafts and we had two extra toddlers running around while trying to work with sharp objects and hot glue guns, but it was a fun time of fellowship anyway.

I won't say that it's quite Pinterest worthy (my version I mean) but it's not quite a Pinterest fail either which is usually what I expect from craft projects that I make. Next up, I may try finger knitting. Who knows, there may be a crafty nature hiding somewhere inside me after all.

And, if any local friends have a few extra moments and want to make one of their own, I still have some green felt available! Just let me know!

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