Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Top 5 for 200th!

This is officially my 200th blog post, so I thought I'd do a quick run-down of the top 5 blog posts (by page views). Links are included if you happened to miss out or need a refresher. It's hard to believe that this post is already my 200th. I do post frequently, although not always everyday. I've settled into a rhythm of about 4 per week, usually skipping Wednesdays. However, since this is a special occasion, you get an extra blog post just for Hump Day today!

Top Five Blog Posts
  1. With the most page views by a fairly large margin, we have Cartoon Saving the World from a Poetry/Fiction Friday post way back in July. I would classify it as an unfinished extremely brief story idea, or maybe it is finished with a choose your own style ending.
  2. Coming in at a distant second is The Problem with a Social Economy.
  3. Next we have a tie between Sick Day and
  4. Roofing Woes.
  5. A very close 5th is Concert Goings (I keep trying to have my husband guest post about Dave Matthews, since he is obsessed, but that has yet to happen - stay posted, just in case).
So, am I officially a writer now that I have 200 blog post and literally THOUSANDS of page views? It may not be official to anyone but me, but I certainly feel more like a writer than I have in the past. Maybe in the next year I'll magically find some time to finish one of my novels in progress. But, if not, that's okay too. 

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