Friday, December 11, 2015

New Morning Routine

In my work from home job, I've added some more hours recently. Since I'd taken a brief hiatus in order to transition to a new position, and actual tutoring sessions have slowed down with the end of the semester for many college students, I wanted to try to earn a bit more income. A large percentage of the time this week I haven't had many sessions, but I wanted to have some work available to distract my Kindergarten student if I ended up with a session popping up during our "school time".

I created a "Morning notebook" with some free printables and my amazing laminator. Essentially, the printables I laminated include one for each day of the week. He practices writing the day of the week, writes down the number, and the number for the day before and after. There's another page for the temperature, time, and what he's wearing. I also have a non-laminated calendar page where he can practice writing the month and fill in the numbers for the days of the month and color in a box to make a bar graph for the weather. He can do this pretty independently, and he is usually very interested in the calendar and weather.

So far, he's really enjoying writing on it with our washable dry erase crayons. Of course, a few of the (expensive, special) crayons got broken and missing during my session, but I consider it a price worth paying.

And, as an update to my last post about our plans for 1st grade curriculum, of course I had to tweak things a bit, even though I said I wasn't going to look at curriculum options anymore.

I did order the next book from the Heart of Dakota series. I found it used on Amazon for almost a third of the price new. I figure it's worth that much, even if I don't use it everyday. My kids really like the creative activities, and it's really nice to have "something" to do each day, even if I add or subtract quite a bit. So, the grammar, spelling, and history should be covered for the most part in that book, as well as some math and reading. I will still add science, as I think the science is a little light for my crazy-science lover kid. I will also probably skip most of the copy work and devotional topics.
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