Monday, July 13, 2015

Concert Goings

I've realized a few things since attending a Dave Matthews Band concert on Friday night. For one, I am extremely out of date with regards to fashion. Frankly, I'm okay with that, because I've never been fashionable, but I usually at least have some idea what the fashions are. Not anymore!

It was fascinating to watch what people wore because it was fashionable regardless of their body type and whether or not it actually looked good on them. I am always amazed at what clothing makers can get away with convincing people they need to buy. Most of the fashions right now look terrible on everyone regardless of their body type or shape.

I have also never been fashionable when it comes to alcohol consumption. I saw quite a few people doing things they probably would be embarrassed about in the morning if they remembered it. The unfortunate thing about smart phones and Facebook is that most of their pictures were probably all over the Internet the next morning. There were also quite a few people that needed medical attention.

When one unfortunate soul (who I believe was actually on drugs since I didn't see any alcohol around him) decided to lay down in the grass at the back of the lawn seating area, rather than stopping to help, most people decided to laugh at him, take pictures, or step over his feet. Some ladies nearby eventually took pity on him after the concert staff roused him and suggested he move out of the way. The ladies shared some of their food and gave him a chair to sit in and then politely listened as he shared some of his lined notebook paper writings (either a manifesto or songs he had written). He eventually moved on and I saw him wildly dancing a half hour later and almost mowing people down despite being in a relatively sparsely populated area of the lawn.

I never understood the appeal of either being one of those people or being around those people. We were apparently very lucky in our parking spot because we exited the parking lot before most of the other cars. We found out later that some people were in the concert parking lot for over 3 hours because two cop cars got smashed in by drunk drivers.

My husband said that the concert venue shares some of the blame. When they sell 24 ounce beers and "giant" margaritas, they should expect that people will overindulge compared to purchasing 12 ounce beers or regular size glasses of wine. Especially when people are allowed to purchase 3 of these large beverages at a time. I agree that they help perpetuate the problem, but the real problem is that people feel compelled to either medicate their lives or try desperately to "fit in" regardless of whether it's good for them and their friends.

Speaking of medication, I just wanted to chime in and say how terrible it is that our government is so concerned about marijuana use that they won't approve it's medical use (nationally) despite clear anecdotal evidence of huge benefits in multiple areas. Of all the things that our federal government should have a say in (interstate trade, medical law) they should most certainly deal with this problem before "public opinion" problems. Our government is so focused on making laws based on public opinion that they've neglected to actually do anything to help people or our country.

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