Thursday, July 30, 2015

First Week of Homeschool - Schedule

Next week, I'm looking at "officially" starting our first week of homeschool (although my oldest is telling me that I have to wait until after his birthday, because he can't go to school when he's still only 4). I thought I would post our "light" schedule for August and then what our estimated schedule will be for September. I plan on keeping August as a gentle introduction to "school". The first week, I will only do the 2-year old Hubbard's Cupboard curriculum with James (two days a week) and continue with storytime, gardening, and reading lots of great books. I'm sure Daniel will want to join in this as well. Then, I will add in some fun "school" activities that I know they both like (playing with Cuisenaire rods and Clifford Science Kits).

The second week, we will start adding in a few things at a time. I will try to do 2 days of our Kindergarten curriculum as shown in the schedule.

I'm planning on waiting until September to start the most difficult part of our homeschool routine, no screen time before the work is done!

My current plans for the 2-year old are to let him participate as much or as little as he wishes, and have "alternate" activities available for him to work on in the same room, such as beading, coloring, stickers, puzzles, and other fun toys.

Here are pictures of our schedule and some of our curriculum!

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