Thursday, July 09, 2015


As I was walking down the aisles in Target the other day, my 2-year old was very concerned with the "lights" he saw in the floor. I tried to explain that they were reflections and told him to look up, but he was so focused on looking down at what he could see easily. He was trying to step on them and was very worried when they kept "moving" as he walked along.

I started thinking about all the reflections we focus on in life. We focus on the reflections of Facebook, TV, Pinterest or the media. We think that what we see there is the real thing, but it's just a distorted image that people want us to look at.

We also might not focus on the little reflections of our own behavior. When I'm paying attention, I can recognize my own phrases and attitude reflected in my children (for better or worse). So, if I look closely at their behavior, I can tell that their patient and kind attitude towards someone younger than them is a reflection, as well as their anger and frustration when things don't go their way. Seeing my behavior reflected in them is a huge responsibility, but also a good way to adjust my own attitude and behavior when necessary.

When I was a waitress, I remember that there were a few customers who would be grumpy no matter what. I also recognized that occassionally, by continuing to smile and be friendly (and serve lots of coffee) I would sometimes get a smile in return. My cheerful and upbeat presence would sometimes chase the gloom away. If all the people around you are grumpy or gloomy, think about whether you are reflecting them or they are reflecting you. Either way, spend some time focusing on your behavior, not theirs, and see if you can get them to reflect something more positive.

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