Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Roofing Woes

Here's a hot tip for anyone considering home improvement projects, get quotes before you have a problem. We fortunately got a couple quotes for a new roof when we bought our house, although we hoped to be able to wait 2 years, since we had some other home improvement projects that were pretty expensive as well. However, when our roof started leaking (3 months after we purchased the house), we had to get serious about a new roof.

My husband answered honestly when calling to get price quotes that our roof was currently leaking. Shockingly, all the "new" quotes we got were 30% or more higher than our original quote for a non-leaking roof. Fortunately for us, one of the companies was willing to honor their original quote and can come out quickly. The highest quote we had couldn't even come out until the middle of September!

On another note, if you are buying a house, please keep in mind the cost of potential repairs. We don't have the money saved up yet in a home improvement fund, but we are fortunate enough to have other savings that we can use for this huge expense without going into debt. Now, if only our siding can wait a few years to be repainted without causing any more damage...
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