Thursday, September 03, 2015

Homeschool Field Trip List

This is my list of field trip opportunities for homeschool. This is not an extensive list. Some of these may be done every week (library) and others may need to be done through a group. I wanted to post it in case anyone is having trouble coming up with "socialization" activities for their kids. Most of these are local to our area (within about 30 minutes) although I have included some that are 2-3 hours away as they will make great short-term family vacations.

  1. Marbles (kids museum)
  2. Durham Museum of Life and Science
  3. NC Museum of Art
  4. NC Museum of History
  5. NC Museum of Natural Science
  6. Fire museum
  7. Waste management – Sunoco Recycling
  8. Clemmons educational forest
  9. Beach 
  10. Aquarium
  11. Mountains
  12. Zoo
  13. Farm
  14. Lake Jordan Educational Park
  15. Library (storytime, group activities)
  16. Neuse River Trail
  17. Observation Park (8/27/2015)
  18. General William C Lee Airborne Museum (Dunn)
  19. Pope House
  20. JC Raulston Arboretum
  21. White Deer educational days
  22. Weather station (at local news)
  23. Farm Animal days
  24. Grocery store 
  25. Shooting stars 
  26. State fair
  27. Camping
  28. Raven Rock State Park
So far, we are averaging at least one field trip a week (and I don't really count the library, since that will be ongoing). Research your local area to find out what museums, parks, and group activities provide field trips or have free or discounted days. all but one or two on the above list are free. Please comment with additional ideas, I need all I can get!

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