Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Superhero Moms

Early this morning, I heard the plaintive cries of my 2.5 year old. "Mommy, I throwed up!" Fearing the worst, since he had complained of a stomach ache just before bed, I rushed in. I sniffed the air, there was no telltale smell of disaster. I felt the bed sheets next to his pillow, they were dry. I looked into his half-closed eyes and he smiled at me. "Tissue?"

So, I went to the bathroom for a tissue, still disbelieving my own luck, and still wondering what the tissue was supposed to be for, since his nose was clean and dry. "Thank you," he says, then points to the side of his cheek.

Apparently, drool counts as "throw up" to a 2 year old.

Mom, the vanquisher of invisible throw up.

As moms, we have great power. We can make shadows disappear with the flick of a light switch. We can heal booboos with fluttery kisses and silly faces. We can baby proof the worst situation with our magical arms of steel, holding our precious cargo above the wreckage.

Maybe you're a mom of older kids, or even grown children. You can let them cry on your shoulder from thousands of miles away. You can practice your mind-bending skills in an attempt to prevent disaster when your kids are making poor choices. You can practice your invisible brake, even when you aren't in the car with them.

There's a special place in a child's heart for his or her mom. Dad's have an equally important and vital role, but that special maternal touch is something extremely precious.

So, the next time you're dreading the 2am wake-up cry, or the tears, or find yourself lacking the energy and strength to make it through another day with those frustrating, precious, difficult children God blessed you specifically with, remember the superhero powers you possess.

With great power comes great responsibility.

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