Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Sick Day

In my opinion, there are two reasons that should be considered legitimate sick days. You either feel too sick to do your job properly, or you don't want to get other people sick. I usually only use the second reason, but yesterday I was very tempted to use the first.

I'm pretty sure it's allergies (my husband and I were just talking about the fact that we haven't had allergies as bad since moving back to North Carolina from the allergy capital of the country (Louisville, KY). So, of course, we were reminded that it probably isn't a lack of allergies, but rather a different allergy season here.

So, I don't feel "sick", but my ears and throat and nose are giving me a "run" for my money (pun intended). Let me tell you just how miserable it is to go to co-op for 4 hours, deal with kids who are too wired up from co-op to take their needed nap (because they were up early) and/or are woken from their nap by their older brother trying to climb back into bed for the 3rd time because he really was tired.

So, when it came time for our small group to meet, I wasn't really feeling like I wanted to go. I had a bad attitude, and I wanted to take a sick day.
I really wanted to just curl up in the bathtub for a half-hour and wash my allergies away and pop into some fresh clean sheets.

But, since I'd been doing my best to do nothing around the house (that's the SAHM attempt at a sick day at least) there were no clean sheets, and I hadn't fixed anything that would be easy enough for dinner. So, I ignored my pain and suffering and tried to fix my attitude.

Now, I don't want to claim to be some paragon of society, I'm sure people could tell I wasn't 100%. I didn't put a "game face on" or pretend to be something I wasn't. I just made one simple change, I recognized my attitude was rotten and I gave up a little bit of me.

Our society says that giving up that "me" or that ego is paramount to "losing yourself" or even emotional abuse in certain situations. The thing of it is, that it can be dangerous, even scary. But if you're giving up to someone you trust completely, and your trust is founded on truth and facts, it can be a pretty good thing. Overall, I had a lot more fun than I was expecting, and my attitude was a lot better than it started.

And, if you're curious, mom's really don't get sick days anyway.
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