Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Are free samples worth it?

One of my favorite blogs posted an article called Is it really worth it to sign up for free samples?

Although I generally like the blog, I did want to point out one caveat she may not have thought of. If you tend to have sensitive skin or allergies to certain chemicals, please stick with what you know regarding products you put on your hair, face, or skin.

For instance, I am the queen of free samples and trials. Usually, my skin doesn't react to anything other than occasional hormonal acne. However, this winter, I experienced the worst back acne I have ever had. Want to guess what the culprit was? A trial deodorant (full-size free sample). I used it for over a month (because it was free, so why not?) until I finally realized that the only thing I had changed about my skin care regimen was the deodorant, and I had never had back acne before.

Well, now my skin has finally cleared up, but I have some lovely scars to show off this pool season.

So, was it worth it? Nope. And I will definitely not be using free samples of deodorant again. I will stick with my 99 cent Lady Speed Stick and call it good.
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