Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day - Furniture Shopping

I'm not entirely sure what remembering fallen troops has to do with furniture sales, but I guess they use every holiday they can. Needless to say, we went furniture shopping this Memorial Day weekend.

We had gotten rid of a futon and a sleeper sofa when we were "staging" our house to sell, and didn't have anywhere to put it. So, we are looking to replace the sleeper sofa.

We found two good options and both were on sale this weekend. Of course, by the time we called to order the one we liked best, it was no longer in stock, so now we run the risk of sleeping on an air mattress for a few days if it happens not to come in on time.

In other Memorial Day news, our flag is out, our house in being cleaned, and the pool is being put to good use.

My husband had a brief conversation with our oldest son about what Memorial Day means, and the truly American hot dogs will be consumed for lunch.

Have a safe and satisfying Memorial Day weekend, and as you drive by cemeteries or churches that are having true Memorial Day services, say a prayer for the families and friends of those who have fallen while serving our country.
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