Friday, May 29, 2015

Poetry Friday: Taking Me Away

Time goes by too fast baby
When you’re in my arms
And I feel so slow lately
With you so far away
And there’s nothing left to do
And I’ve nothing left to say
Cause you’ve already got
Everything there is to take

You’ve got my heart, you’ve got my mind
I’ve given you everything I could find
You’ve got my dreams, you’ve got my cares
And there’s something about the way you wear
Your heart on your sleeve and I can’t compare
Anyone else with the way you are with me. 

In my dreams today I see
Something new to learn
The way you looked tonight to me
And the way I feel inside
And I can’t hold my breath
Cause you’ve taken it away
And I can’t think without you
And everything you say  

Racking my brain, I find it empty
Testing my heart, the water’s deep
Searching my thoughts, I find you and me
And inside my heart, there’s nothing but we.
Cause you’ve done what you came to do
Opened my heart brought me closer to you
You’ve done what I knew you would
And you’re taking me away.  

I can’t compare you
I’m so aware of you

And you are
Here with me.
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