Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekly Grocery Budget Review

So, we were out of town the weekend of this week's food budget update, so we actually have several shopping trips that we made in the evenings after we got back. Obviously we are much more disorganized when we don't go on the weekend.

Our first shopping trip was for our "main" food items.

Food Lion # 1: $62.10 total for: 2 packs of Hot Pockets, 4 Yoplait yogurts, 1 gallon of milk, Jimmy Dean's maple sausage biscuits, ice cream sandwiches, 2 packs of Goldfish, 2 packs of Cheez Its, peanut butter cheese crackers, cookies, Little Bite muffins, store brand cheerios, canned peas, crunchy peanut butter, lunch meat, Neese's sausage, BBQ, and my husband's soda. So, reviewing this list, hardly anything was for me....

Then, we stopped at Little Caesar's on the way home because our evenings were so crazy this week (I had one evening I was busy and my husband had two busy evenings and had to mow the yard). $5.39 with tax. I include this in our food budget as it was just a regular meal at home we didn't take the time to cook.

The next day I made a trip to Kroger as we realized we were out of a couple other things.

Kroger: $10.49 total for another Goldfish (my kids can't live without vanilla cupcake Goldfish and Food Lion was out), plastic wrap, Muller yogurt (free coupon), Horizon brand graham crackers (free coupon), Kroger simple truth yogurt, and Cheetos.

Then, the day after that, my husband ran out to Food Lion because they had given us some great coupons that were about to expire that he forgot about Monday.

Food Lion # 2: $2.04 total for a bag of Lays chips and 2 packs of PopTarts.

Total food spending for the week (Friday to Friday): $80.02.

Between last week and this week, we have a couple dollars extra, but since we bought dinner for my whole family when we were out of town, I may use some of the extra to cover part of that. The remainder of that meal will come from our "gift" budget as it was for my mom's early birthday/Mother's Day.
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