Saturday, May 09, 2015

Weekly Food Budget - Week Two

We had a much better week from a budget stand point with our groceries. Mainly because we are going out of town for a long weekend, so we are trying to avoid buying anything that would go bad while we're gone. The total budget (one trip to Kroger) this week ended up coming in at $47.62 including tax. Technically, I returned the peanut butter because I got too big of a size to fit in our pantry and didn't realize until I got to the car, but the refund I got went to a stranger in the parking lot who asked for $2 or $3 so he could buy enough gas to get him to work in North Raleigh. Since he asked for only $2 or $3 and I had just gotten $2 as a refund, I handed it straight over. Who am I to argue with a divine appointment, even if he doesn't use it for what he said, my job is not to judge the intentions of his heart.

So what did we buy for less than $50 for our family of 4? Bananas (2 for about 50 cents), strawberries ($1.50), whole wheat buns (0.49), eggs ($1.79), Bird's Eye skillet meal ($2.99 after $1 coupon), 10 ounces of lunch meat ($2.45 after e-coupon), store brand cheerios and raisin bran ($1.88 each), Horizon snack crackers (free coupon from BzzAgent), Hershey hazelnut spread $2.99 (it was the same price as store brand and we were almost out), peanut butter, Ritz crackers (bought 2 packs since we were out and I had an e-coupon, $2.27 each after e-coupon), organic store brand vanilla yogurt ($2.69 for 32 ounces), vinegar, 2 gallons of milk, orange juice, free Muller yogurt (BzzAgent), 2 Yoplait yogurts @ 0.60 each, clearance yogurt @ .35, and my husband's soda ($6).

We had a lot of produce left over that we were finishing up eating after 2 Aldi's trips last week. We also have plenty of our "staples" of clearance bread (in the freezer) and meat (pork, chicken, and ground beef). We are also stocked up on diapers and paper products. So, overall, it was a very "light" week for groceries. Next week we will probably have a lot of purchases, either things we forgot to pack on our trip or re-stocking the kids food. We may also have some "eating out" expenses, so it is good to know that we have about $30-$40 available for eating out on our trip or groceries while we're gone.
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