Thursday, June 04, 2015

Another Political Rant

The problem with politics in the United States is that our political system was designed to be primarily local, with an emphasis on individual states rights, and our current world is built on a global scale. Unfortunately, this means that while it used to be okay if Congress took a couple years off from doing their jobs, it no longer should be okay. Yet, the American people have to way to force them back to work. The endless cycle of checks and balances is causing our government to become mired down by unimportant (relatively) disagreements about marriage, immigration, or healthcare instead of focusing on major items such as tax reform and paying down our debt.

I'm not saying that the issue of immigration is unimportant, but does it really matter how many people we let into this country if we can't afford to pay for the people that are already here? Does it really matter how much we spend on healthcare if we have no way of paying down our debt? I mean a few more billion in debt is nothing if you are already in the trillions.

So, when we end up facing yet another budget crisis, because the important has been dragged down by the mundane, think about what you really want your government to focus on. Do you really need to listen to all those "political" commercials that talk about how they are going to resolve X or Y hot button topic, or should we instead start slamming our elected officials with the important topics. Get the budget in order, reduce expenses, increase income, pay down the debt, fix the antiquated tax system.

I'm all for saving the environment, because that will benefit future generations. However, if we don't fix our financial problem in this country at a government level, there may not be a United States of America for them to grow up in. In my opinion, that would be more tragic than the smog that I grew up living in.

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