Friday, June 05, 2015

Poetry Friday - June 5th

Because this love, changes everyday,
This hate comes and then it goes away.
And when love hurts, don't up and run away,
Just kiss it goodbye
After you kiss it hello,
And love hurts less after the walls go up.
This love works best from a distance.
Do you love me?
You're standing there, looking just right
And I'm standing here, looking all wrong.
But hey, at least I'm looking,
And maybe you'll hear my song as I sing.
This love changes my everything.
This hate, flees with every step's ring.
And when love hurts, I know it can't be you.
And I'll kiss you goodbye
After I kiss you hello.
Because I hurt less after the walls go down.

And love works best with you by my side.
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