Monday, June 22, 2015


Over the weekend, I had the privilege of playing in the "Coaches Game" during the closing ceremonies of our Upwards Soccer league at church. When I originally signed up as a player for the game, I was thinking that maybe I would be in better shape by then, and the weather would be nice, and people wouldn't take it too seriously.

What I forgot to account for was the number of men present and therefore, testosterone overload! I saw at least two people get flipped on clean tackles, another couple scary bumps and both teams played a hard fought 2-1 game. We lost, although one of the other team's goals was off a penalty that was called on the goalie coming out to get a player shooting. While the goalie did try to pull up to not mow someone over, I think the ref was just trying to keep the playing a little safer for everyone, because these guys were GOING after that soccer ball.

There was even a yellow card given during the game!

I was really out of shape and the other guys were way too serious for me. One of the guys on my team had played professional ball overseas. He passed it two feet in front of me from across the field, and I couldn't even take that one step forward to play the ball because it came at me so fast. It was a perfect pass, but I just couldn't make my legs react in time.

In other words, it's great that God gave men testosterone. It enables them to be the protectors, the warriors, the fighters, and gives them the strength to keep going, even when some of them are just as out of shape as I was. I thought I was going to pass out in the first half because it was 95 degrees in the blaring hot sun with no breeze or shade. However, a cloud came over the sun in the second half, and fortunately we had enough breeze to keep us going through the end of the game.

I did have fun, and I held my own fairly well. There are differences between men and women though, and it was definitely a tough game. It also made me feel a little more sensitive to the 5-6 year old kids that I coached, because they had to play a couple games in some pretty tough conditions too. I was proud of them and proud of myself this season, and that's worth the 2 days a week I gave up during the soccer season.
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