Thursday, June 18, 2015

Roundup of Money Earning Websites

I'm very fortunate that I have a part-time, at home job that occasionally allows me to browse the Internet, work on my blog, or take surveys while I'm getting paid (sort of). I am an online tutor for They have an "on call" type rate that they pay during scheduled hours, even if there are no students to tutor. While it is only $5.50 an hour, I can take that time to earn money in some other ways, to up my hourly rate.

  1. Pinecone Research. Although they do not have a paid referral program, they do offer $3 per survey completed. Since most of the surveys only take 15-30 minutes, if I do 2 surveys I can up my hourly rate to $11.50 an hour. I also find their surveys relatively enjoyable most of the time. It says I've earned $93 in the past year, so it averages about 3 surveys a month that I am able to complete.
  2. Sign up for rewards programs. Whether it's through Ibotta, Checkout 51, or your credit cards rewards program, there are some things that you are spending money on anyway that you could be earning more rewards on. A few of my credit cards have quarterly 5% rewards, so I try to take some time to check those and see if I need to adjust which card we're spending on. I also have on credit card with occasional rewards, so I try to check it every week or so to see what the category is. If it's a place I even might go to, I go ahead and add the reward and if I happen to forget about it, it's already on my card. It could also be a good time to check with your grocer to see if they have new digital coupons to load. Cartwheel for Target is another place to check frequently. None of these save big bucks, so I don't go on them all the time, but if it's otherwise "wasted time" I can take a few minutes to see if I can save money on what I'm already spending.
  3. Other survey sites. Although I don't use them a lot anymore, because I hate getting halfway through and then they tell me I don't qualify so I get zero, there are a ton of survey companies out there. My husband does one that he only gets once per month, but it pays $10. There are other websites too, like Survey Savvy or Mindfield Online, Opinion Outpost and IPSO i-say,
  4. Other reward sites. If all else fails, and I still have some extra time that I'm not actively tutoring, I generally will go to a pay per click type of site, such as Swagbucks or I may go to my e-mail and click through some of my MyPoints e-mails.
None of these options will make you rich overnight, but if you have time when you can't do anything else, and you want to earn a few extra dollars along the way, they can all add up. Right now, as I was going through the websites that I use (some of which haven't been as frequent since we moved) I got a pack of free diapers plus $5 for a multi-part product testing survey, and earned $2 on another survey. I also have about $250 in accumulated rewards that I haven't cashed in yet, which is probably from the last 6-8 months as I usually try to cash in around Christmas time to help pay for Christmas gifts. 

**Any links included are my referral links, so I may get a referral credit when you sign up. Thanks!
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