Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hot Weather and Exercise

So, I have been somewhat keeping up with an exercise plan. However, I have not yet started walking or running much. The main reason for that is the insanely hot weather we've been having here lately. Today the high is supposed to be 103! It's only mid-June. It's not even officially summer yet! There is a heat advisory between 12pm and 7pm today.

We went to the park yesterday at about 11, and it was already too hot to stay outside in the sun for long. We walked in the shade and my oldest son was sweating buckets and red faced after about a half hour (of course, he was riding his stride bike, which meant he was moving a lot faster than I was, but at least he got to glide downhill). I was pushing our 2-year old in the stroller at a leisurely walk, but we were both drenched in sweat too. Needless to say we came home before noon.

My husband had started running, but I told him it wasn't a good idea today. We may try to go to the pool, although the water wasn't really cool at all the last time I went, and the concrete was burning the kids feet. If I exercise today, I will definitely be doing one of my new exercise videos from my husband's employer's exercise program.

As my husband said, when I mentioned we could purchase gym memberships, "That would defeat the point." That was the point of him picking running as his main exercise activity, was to not have to go to the gym. Everyday on the 10 day forecast is above 90 degrees. I didn't think it normally even reaches the 90s until July or August.

Stay safe. Stay hydrated. Know the warning signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke - thirst, weakness, dizziness, confusion, headaches, nausea, muscle cramps. Bring a portable fan with spray water if you have to be outside. If you or your child stop sweating and become cold and clammy, get indoors and call a doctor. If you don't have to be outside, stay indoors! If you know someone who doesn't have central air conditioning, or whose air conditioning may not work well, invite them over! That's what community is all about. If you know of someone who is homebound without family or neighbors, visit them! Let's keep this a safe and health hot weather event.

Also, I'm not sure my garden is going to make it in this weather, everything is wilting, even with water.

Well, this was only about 6 months ago, so I guess we needed to have the opposite too.

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