Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cold Brew Coffee

I keep insisting that I'm not a crunchy mama or a hipster. Yet, some things just make sense, even without completely adopting the persona.

I love my hot Keurig coffee in the morning. However, with two kids and summertime upon us, my coffee is generally cold by the time I get to finish drinking it anyway. When I first heard of this so-called "cold brewed" coffee, I was skeptical. There's a reason coffee is hot, right? We're just going to let it sit for 12 hours and it magically "brews"? What about the caffeine content?

However, as skeptical as I am, I am currently in the process of trying out my first "cold brew" coffee. Regular beans (coarsely ground), regular water, pots, bowls, and jars that I already have. Nothing fancy or that I had to buy, although I'm not sure where my coffee filters are, so I may need to borrow some from a neighbor or friend when it's time to strain. I'll let you know how it turns out! Also, when I'm done brewing my coffee, I may end up trying to make a coffee grind face scrub (coffee grinds, coconut oil, and brown sugar in a 3-2-1 ratio). I'll let you know how that goes too.

In other news, I ate some garden fresh beans the other night, and am trying to drastically cut down my use of paper towels. I wisely used one large Norwex envirocloth rather than 8 half-size paper towels when cleaning up my two-year old from breakfast the other day. My third option was going to be to wash his entire head and hands/arms in the sink. He had Nutella on toast for breakfast.

I'm pretty sure I'm not hipster or crunchy (I think the Keurig is now vetoed from both of those ideologies). But, that doesn't mean I can't try some things out that I've heard of from others, and see if it works for me.

My next step is to do some research on natural shampoo/conditioner. I bought a natural brand at Target the other day, but yikes to the price and the amount used. I thought $6 wasn't terrible since it was a shampoo and conditioner, but then I read the instructions that said to use 15 squirts at a time! I don't think I use that amount of shampoo in a week! Of course, I will start with a much smaller amount since I have very fine, thin shoulder length hair. I imagine if I had waist length curly masses of hair 15 wouldn't be enough. We'll see how that goes in a few weeks. I'm too much of a cheapskate to throw away my almost empty bottles of Suave Professionals.

*** Disclosure, I am an independent sales consultant for Norwex.***
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