Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Dentist

I actually feel kind of bad for dentists. They are like mechanics, except that they have to work on people instead of cars. It's a bit harder for a human to sit still with their mouth open for over an hour than it is for a car to keep it's hood up.

One of the scariest things about moving to a new area of town is finding new dentists, doctors, etcetera. Fortunately, we hit a home run with this dentist (at least so far). I was a bit worried when I had cavities on my first appointment, but despite the time invested in getting cavities filled on two teeth at the same time, the dentist did a great job putting me at ease.

The dentist we chose when we moved is a husband/wife team. They are both dentists and then there are several different hygienists there as well (I think there are three hygienists). The wife gave me the numbing shots (which is usually the worst part). Honestly, I didn't even feel the shot go in, which was good because I was about to pass out just from thinking about it.

The dentist was joking that I could ask for another shot if I wasn't numb enough, unless I enjoyed pain. I explained that I really do enjoy the pain more than the shot, hence the two childbirths and zero epidurals. Of course, I was mostly being sarcastic, but my main reason for choosing natural childbirth was honestly my issue with the needles more so than any crunchy mama ideology. Not there is anything wrong with being a crunchy mama, but I was not of the let's give birth in the oceans with dolphins mindset, I was thinking more "let's do this safely and with as few needles being inserted into spines as possible".

Normally, I don't have any problem with the drilling part, but it is always nerve wracking to use a new dentist for the first time when you have to get fillings. Everything went pretty well overall. It did take awhile because these were back teeth and needed pretty deep fillings and it was on two teeth. However, they seemed to have a pretty good system going so it certainly could have taken longer. All in all it only took two hours from when I arrived at the dentist to when I left, and that includes the time it took sitting their waiting for the numbing to take effect.

I blame my youngest child for destroying my teeth, since he didn't wean until almost two years old. Hopefully I don't have to get anymore work done anytime soon, although he did say there was another "questionable" area.
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