Monday, June 08, 2015

Weekend Adventures

Today is definitely going to be a busy Monday. We spent all weekend away from the house, and now it's time to get things ready for the week. With the additional problem of our washer still being unhooked due to some drywall work we are having done, it will definitely be an interesting day. We've been using my in-laws washer and dryer, but they really need to get their dryer vent cleaned out or something, because it is taking over an hour to dry each load.

Our weekend plans included a quick beach trip. Saturday we spent a total of about 6 hours in the car, and 1.5 hours "at the beach". However, Daniel loved getting smashed by the waves. James loved sitting in the sand, and we got a few other fun things done as well. Unfortunately, there was a beach soccer tournament and a beach music festival on Saturday, so things were much more crowded than we anticipated.

However, we did walk around Fort Fisher and we got to stop at Britt's Donuts, so that made the trip worthwhile.

It was also interesting to be around the beach towns that we both went to as children (Carolina and Kure Beach) and see how much things have changed over the years.

Sunday we went to church, then ate a quick lunch at home and got on the road to visit the kids Uncle about an hour away. On our way back from a visit there, we stopped at our alma mater, Campbell University. It turns out a lot can change in a relatively brief time there as well. We drove past the new football stadium and basketball arena and a couple huge new buildings for an engineering school and health campus. Hard to believe it's the same school as a few years ago. On the way back from that, we had to stop at Sunni Skies, although with the entire population of several nearby counties.

While the kids played outside with their friends Sunday night, and I got to chat with a new friend of mine in the neighborhood, I realized how blessed we truly are. 

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